Increasing Sales with Paid Social Success

    Sudara is a mission-driven e-commerce clothing brand that was looking to broaden their social impact through increased sales and economic opportunity. Portent provided a mobile-first campaign that exceeded their goals.


    Content Strategy
    Paid Social Strategy


    E-commerce: Apparel

    39% Greater Return on Ad Spend Than Initial Goal
    26% Greater Revenue Than Initial Goal
    872K+ Video Views Across Facebook and Instagram

    Sudara partners with sewing centers in India to provide employment and skills training to women who are at the highest risk for human trafficking. In order to broaden their reach and bring more safe and sustainable jobs to more women, they needed to increase brand awareness and reach new customers.


    With more than 77% of the e-commerce brand’s revenue on social media coming from mobile, Portent knew that a mobile-first campaign was critical to achieving any type of success on the platform. Our approach included three components:

    • Effective Creative – editing old video content for impactful storytelling and resizing for use on Facebook and Instagram
    • Lookalike Modeling – creating custom audiences using existing user data to produce lookalike models that immediately reached more high-value customers
    • Device Targeting – using a mobile-first video approach to most effectively target and capture the attention of the 90%+ of Facebook’s audience who consumes ads on mobile

    Portent’s mobile-first video ads and value-based lookalike strategy efforts yielded results that exceeded initial ROAS goals. Preliminary outcomes included:

    • 39% greater return on ad spend than initial goal
    • 26% greater revenue than initial goal
    • 872,602 video views across Facebook and Instagram

    Sudara’s successful ongoing campaign continues to support the brand’s mission to provide employment opportunities for some of India’s most at-risk women.

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